Sunday, 25 December 2011


all three forces

Pakistani armed forces are on number six in worlds top ten armed forces. In Muslim countries Pakistan is at the Top by taking first position. In the top 10 secret agencies Pakistani I.S.I is still on the top by maintaining First (1st) position.  


Pakistan was importing 100% weapons in 1947 but now in 2011 Pakistan is producing 90% of its weapons and only importing 10% for its processes. 

Pakistan's Al-Khalid Tank is one of the best tank in the world due to its power, strength, durability, speed, accuracy and design, and according to a report from CIA, All those tank that would be sold within up coming 20 years, 60% from all those tanks will be Al-Khalid from Pakistan. 

India is still unable to completely develop it Arjun Tank after 20 years... and will never be able to compare our AL-Khalid and Al-Zarrar tank.

Pakistan is World's 5th largest Airplane manufacturing country...and the Kamra Aeronautical Complex is world's 3rd smuggling plant for airplanes.

We have made created a fighter jet Jf-17 Thunder by the comibe efforts of China. It is a multi role Light Fighter Jet combat aircraft but under a low budget. There are nearly 12 countries interested in buying our JF-17 including Azerbaijan, Egypt, Sudan, Zimbabwe,  Bangladesh, Iran, Nigeria, Burma, Libya, Malaysia, Marrakesh, Sri Lanka. They all have ordered for our Jet and want to include it in their Air Forces.

America and Russia are quite astonished and amazed that how come Pakistan is selling such tremendous fighter Jet for just 20 Million dollars but on the other hand F-16 SO-27 are use to sell at the price of 50 to 60 million dollars....and you know that 1 dollar is for 90 Rs in Pakistan.....

May be with in 05-10 years Pakistan might be flying these J-20 planes.. which are actually stealth plane made by Pak-China.. and they will be in our Air force soon..

Pakistan is now the at Fifth place in producing and making Missiles 

and is third largest in manufacturing or producing cruise missiles.  Like the SPADA missile system it is newly introduced in our defense system.

Pakistan is also making its own submarines and now Pakistan has attained Fifth(5) position in it. 

Thursday, 22 December 2011


What was Pakistan then..???
Pakitani while migrating 
After the separation of the subcontinent, nearly two to three million people migrated from Hindustan to Pakistan, and all these migrants were actually 15 to 20 percent of the total population of Pakistan.In 1947 the literacy rate in Pakistan was only 2%. There was no regiment for Pakistan but there were Hindu,Sikh,Jaat,Gorkha regiments for India from the British government. We came here with no protocol, no facilities and no idea of what we will do next... but Allah gave us strength and look at us where are we now....

What is Pakistan now..???

According to geographical aspect Pakistan is at 36th position in the world, according to population Pakistan is the 6th largest and in Muslim countries Pakistan is the 2nd largest or highly populated country.

Youth of Pakistan
Our 69 percent population is consists up of youth which is another gift from Allah to this means that our 69 percent strength is about the age of 19 years...but all the other countries like Canada, Japan, America, China, Russia and even Australia the number of old age people will increase by 20 percent by the next 10 years........

It means that when our highly educated nation will be in market within 10 years then it will have much importance than any other nation in this world...and western are not aware of that....

salt tunnel at khewra mine

There is world's 2nd largest salt mine in our country Pakistan at Khewara...

Gold mine in Pakistan

Fifth biggest Gold Mine,...

7th biggest and deepest Copper Mine and there is nearly 20 percent Uranium of the whole world in our country......
A brittle of Uranium 

person extracting coal
Pakistan has the second largest Coal treasuries in the world....  
  • Pakistan is fifth largest country producing MIlk and Onion...
  • 6th largest in the production of Dates,,,
  • 7th largest for the production of Rice and Mango, 
  • 8th largest for producing wheat and 
  • 10th largest for oranges.. and Maalta.
Pakistan is the number one country in this entire world who is producing and manufacturing BANASPATI GHEE more than others.

There are worlds two greatest ever dams made of concrete and mud in Pakistan ...
Mangla Dam: Fort at Mirpur
one is MANGALA DAM and the other one is TARBAILA DAM..

satellite image of Karachi nuclear power plant 
We have three nuclear power plants that no other Muslim country have...not even the Iran, there will be two more in the up coming next two years and will start producing electricity.......